Are markets ahead of the economy and should they be?

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Global investors underappreciate the changing behaviour of Japanese companies, which has made them more resilient and well positioned to benefit from global reflation.

‘Big Tech’ dominance puts index on shifting sands


The changing nature of an index driven by the rise of technology firms, which typically pay low or no dividends, has led to a large structural bias against income investors. So how do they prosper in such an environment?

Investment team updates – bullet points 19 June


Find the latest key market updates, regarding the following asset classes: Fixed income, European equities, US equities, Japanese equities, Global equities, Multi-asset.

Covid-19: what exactly is going viral?

Covid-19 - what exactly is going viral

The coronavirus outbreak is extremely complex, with the fear of the virus so far seemingly greater than its actual impact. The economic consequences, however, are very real.

International Women’s Day special podcast

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In this special edition from the team behind Eye of the Needle, we’re talking to Maya Bhandari, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager, and Tammie Tang, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager. They tell us about their routes into asset management and their respective asset classes, how the industry has changed over the past decade, and offer advice to women aspiring to work in finance.

Weighing up potential market impacts from the coronavirus

Weighing up potential market impacts from the coronavirus

As the virus outbreak spreads well beyond China, it is hard to forecast exactly what the economic impact will be, but it’s safe to say that consumption and supply will be significantly affected

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