Committing to zero carbon real estate

Our UK Real Estate strategy to reach net zero by 2050 addresses a major source of risk for commercial property investors and aims to deliver better outcomes for all stakeholders

Is the bond broken?

An allocation to government bonds within a multi-asset portfolio has traditionally played a vital role in terms of risk management and diversification. But with a decade-long bull era in both government bonds and equities, is this assumption still valid?

Asset allocation update: standing pat


Maya Bhandari looks at how the team has managed its asset allocations over the past couple of months and where they believe the best risk-adjusted returns will come from.

Office-working: long-term symptoms or full recovery?

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of office workers worldwide were forced to work from home (WFH) for the majority of 2020.

Riding Europe’s building renovation wave

The EU’s decision to put building modernisation at the heart of its drive to reduce CO2 emissions heralds a major spending programme to transform energy efficiency. It also represents a wider drive across the continent in which Columbia Threadneedle is keen to be involved

UK real estate: weathering the Covid-19 storm

UK real estate: weathering the Covid-19 storm

Reflecting the market optimism that was evident prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, investment transaction volumes for Q1 held up remarkably well in relative terms. However, investment activity was almost exclusively confined to the previous year. I

Summer slumber soothes markets

Global map

Our fixed income team provide their weekly snapshot of market events.

Discovering which business models will prosper after the pandemic

Discovering which business models will prosper after the pandemic

Negative, unchanged and positive impacts

Research, research, research…

Research research research

At Columbia Threadneedle Investments, our team of 180 analysts and research associates is dedicated to original, independent research. Working collaboratively across all major asset classes our teams utilize big data and analytics, such as machine learning and augmented intelligence, to turn information into forward-looking insights that add real value to investment decisions, enabling consistent and replicable outcomes for our clients.

Tracking the pandemic – the challenges of interpreting fast-changing data

Tracking the pandemic the challenges of interpreting fast data

“The Covid-19 pandemic is generating huge quantities of case count data as the
disease advances around the world. We have seen countries and regions that were hit earliest move through the initial peak and into a period of declining incidence, while those affected more recently are still recording rapid rises in infections and fatalities. But the data raises as many questions as it answers.”