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Multi-asset solutions

To build an effective multi-asset portfolio, we start with our clients’ objectives and investment beliefs then engage the necessary experts and tools to construct a best-fit solution. Whether this is growing capital, generating income or managing volatility, we are well placed to help you meet your objectives and add value to your portfolios.

Why choose Columbia Threadneedle Investments for Multi-asset?

‘One stop shop’ investment solution – offers access to layers of active investment expertise and innovation, combined with specialist adviser support.

Rich heritage – multi-asset investing has been a key part of our business since inception, creating strong credentials in asset allocation, security and manager selection, responsible investment and risk management.

Distinctive investment approach – our focus on research intensity and a collaborative investment culture ensures every multi-asset portfolio benefits from the very best ideas from across the firm.

15 April 2024

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Is interest rate pessimism overdone?

The European Central Bank looks set to cut in June and there are reasons to believe the US and UK won’t be too far behind.
Watch time - 6 min
8 April 2024

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Interest rates, inflation and immigration

Do rising US rents, fuelled in part by higher immigration, call for a reappraisal of the likely scale and pace of US interest rate cuts?
Watch time - 6 min
2 April 2024

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

The first cut is the easiest

With real rates rising as inflation falls, we explain why central banks should consider cutting interest rates soon.
Watch time - 4 min
29 March 2024

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Global Markets Outlook - Inflation, interest rates and equities: where to next?

The US, European and UK economies are all set to deliver on the promise of immaculate disinflation.
Read time - 5 min
18 March 2024

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Will sticky inflation stop the US cutting interest rates?

Disappointing data has dampened expectations around US rate cuts. We think that pessimism is overdone and explain why.
Watch time - 6 min
11 March 2024

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Interest cuts to start in June

Consensus for June rate cuts from the Fed and ECB are firm. What are the odds that the UK, seen as a laggard, could follow through too?
Watch time - 5 min

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