The case for sustainable investing in the UK

Sonal Sagar, Portfolio Manager, and Michael Hamblett, Analyst, look at the tailwinds for sustainable investing generally, the opportunities offered by the UK market and why the UK Sustainable Equity strategy is well placed to capitalise on this

Sustainable aviation fuel is ready for take-off

The aviation sector consumes around 8% of all oil. How realistic are attempts to reduce emissions through the use of sustainable aviation fuel?

The crowds are returning!

Football player on the field

Investing in the UK has felt a little like the football experience we have endured over the past year: without the crowds it’s been a lonely game. However, at long last the crowds are coming back.

Covid-19 index: when might life return to ‘normal’?

people on shopping street

With every country attempting to return to normality following the coronavirus pandemic, we are monitoring US economic activity as well as other measures of ‘normality’ such as entertainment and leisure, high street shopping, and schools reopening.

Discover our market outlook for 2021

Our investment experts share their views on markets for 2021. Click below to access all our viewpoints.

UK sustainable equity – backing responsible businesses emerging stronger from the coronavirus crisis

The pandemic brought the S in environmental, social and governance investing more to the fore, and 2021 will see the fund looking at companies where underlying business models and growth opportunities are positioned for sustainable success

On diversification, sustainability and competitiveness…

An interview with portfolio manager Benjamin Moore on investing in
Europe, how he goes about looking at companies, and the events of
the past 10 months

UK equities: resurrection of the deplorable asset class!

UK equities: resurrection of the deplorable asset class

The UK equity market has again been out of favour, but the arrival of three vaccines, the prospect of Brexit closure and shares trading at a massive discount provide the best opportunities for a decade

Style rotation towards value is a temporary phenomenon


William Davies, Chief Investment Officer for EMEA and Global Head of Equities, discusses the recent style moves within markets

CIO EMEA outlook 2021 – knowns and unknowns after a tumultuous year

We see three themes dominating 2021: the development
of a Covid-19 vaccine; the political make-up of the US
following the November election; and Brexit.